ENJ, ELF and BAT fiat pairs available now

Margin Trading is LIVE!

XLM, LINK, and OMG approved by LHV bank and fiat pairs now available for trading on CoinMetro!

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XCM Price Simulator

All fees on CoinMetro are converted to XCM. Let's simulate the daily amount of XCM used for fees as a function of exchange trade volume and calculate some price predictions.

Projected price of XCM:

(Very simplistic, just to give you an idea. Assumes that the price corelates with the daily volume and that people would rather hold most of their XCM. Doesn't account for token burns or fee discounts.)

Daily Fees:
$5000 ≈ $3.8 1315 XCM

Daily Fees = 0.1% of Daily Trade Volume (assuming no fee discounts)

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Daily Trade Volume: $5 Million

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